‘Silent voting’ for Jana Sena, TDP, YSRCP tensed!

A week after polling for Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in AP, it is slowly emerging that there has been a ‘silent voting’ in favour of Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena.

This was revealed not just in Jana Sena surveys, even the ground reports obtained by TDP and YSRCP indicated that, there was ‘silent voting’ for Jana Sena, especially in North Andhra and Godavari districts.

Though there are divergent views on whether this silent voting will benefit Jana Sena or not in bagging few Assembly seats, there is a unanimity that Jana Sena is sure to damage the prospects of either TDP or YSRCP, which will be known only when Assembly results will be announced on May 23.

No one is sure whether Jana Sena will damage TDP’s prospects or YSRCP’s prospects.

The surveys revealed that Jana Sena alone garnered 10 per cent to 30 per cent votes in several constituencies in North Andhra and Godavari districts, while its allies Left parties and BSP also secured over 10 per cent votes in several constituencies.

With TDP and YSRCP fighting a neck-to-neck battle in AP Assembly polls, it is believed that a one per cent swing in votes will make or mar the prospects of either TDP or YSRCP.

With reports of Jana Sena and its allies splitting 10 to 30 per cent votes in several constituencies, which is significantly higher, both TDP and YSRCP candidates are tensed over who will be hit on account of ‘silent voting’ for Jana Sena.

The Jana Sena on the other hand is confident of bagging few Assembly seats in AP on the bank of ‘silent voting’ despite all the surveys predicting either zero or one seat for Jana Sena saying that Pawan Kalyan may win with much difficulty in one of the two seats he contested.-GA

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