Naidu deliberately emptied ‘treasury’ to torture Jagan!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has been struggling to mobilise funds to fulfill his poll promises.

The rough estimates put the requirement of Rs 1 lakh crore to fund Jagan’s poll promises every year. However, the AP treasury is empty.

Officials are finding it difficult to arrange money for day-to-day activities, let alone releasing funds for Jagan’s poll promises or welfare schemes.

Whatever funds that are saved over a period of month are getting exhausted with payment of salaries and pensions for employees.

Jagan is holding review meeting with finance officials almost every day to explore ways and means to mobilise funds and come out of present financial crisis.

YSRCP sources said Jagan was shocked to find from financial officials that former CM N Chandrababu Naidu deliberately emptied treasury since January this year after he came to know that TDP will lose polls and YSRCP will come to power.

This was to ensure that Jagan as CM lack ‘mental peace’ from Day-1 by struggling to mobilise funds and unable to fulfill poll promises due to financial crisis.

Naidu introduced slew of welfare schemes like doubling of pensions, several direct cash transfer schemes to beneficiaries from January which eventually led to treasury drying up by June when Jagan took over as CM.

TDP leaders are now enjoying looking at Jagan unable to adjust even Rs 350 crore to procure seeds for farmers for kharif season.

This led to severe protests from farmers, who are agitating on streets for seeds.

Besides, the power cuts are also bringing bad name to Jagan. The government is not in a position to purchase power from other states due to fund crunch.

YSRCP sources say except for feeling happy after taking oath as CM on Day-1, Jagan did not enjoy the power even for a single day later.

Jagan has been lacking mental peace and happiness struggling to mobilise funds all these days. – GA.

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