KCR is a great leader: Jagan in Assembly

Jagan termed KCR as a ‘great leader with a generous heart’  who has agreed to give Godavari water to AP.

Naidu objected at Jagan attending Kaleshwaram inaugural event in Telanganana recently.

Naidu reminded Jagan of his earlier agitation against Kaleshwaram project in 2016 and also Jagan terming KCR as “Hitler” and Jagan comparing AP and Telangana with India and Pakistan if Kaleshwaram is built.

Responding to this Jagan justified his friendship with KCR saying that it is essential to maintain ‘cordial ties’ between Telugu States and for both the states to progress with mutual cooperation.

“What’s wrong in having friendship with KCR. He is a great leader. He agreed to give Godavari water to AP. If Godavari water is diverted to Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar as proposed by KCR, AP will be relieved of irrigation and drinking water problems in future.”

Jagan questioned Naidu why was he desperate to join hands with TRS before Telangana Assembly polls in December 2018, if he considers KCR as a ‘villain’.

“When KCR and KTR visited Harikrishna’s house to pay last respects in Hyderabad after he died in car accident, Chandrababu proposed KCR to have TRS-TDP alliance for Assembly polls. It’s a shame that he talked about politics when Harikrishna’s dead body was lying there. Such is the selfish nature of Naidu. I am not like that. I am maintaining friendship with KCR only for the benefit of both the Telugu States,” Jagan replied.

However, Naidu cautioned Jagan against KCR saying that his ‘over friendship’ with KCR will cost AP dearly as KCR is known for anti-Andhra stand.

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