How Much Do Our Politicians Earn?

As Maharashtra lawmakers passed a bill to raise their own monthly salaries, now surpassing even the President’s, here’s a look at how much netas across India make:

The big three
President: Rs 1.50 lakh
Vice-president: Rs 1.25 lakh
Governor: Rs 1.10 lakh


Chief minister: Rs 1.2 lakh
Ministers: Rs 1.2 lakh
MLAs, MLCs: Rs 88,000

Proposals to hike ministers’ salaries to Rs 3.6 lakh and MLAs’ to Rs 2.10 lakh has been passed by the Delhi Assembly, but is yet to get the Centre’s nod.


Chief minister: Rs 2.25 lakh (approximately)
Ministers: Rs 2.05 lakh (approximately)
MLAs, MLCs: Rs 1.70 lakh (approximately)

The salary hike (250% for ministers, 126% for MLAs, MLCs) will come into effect from December. While the basic pay will remain less than that of the President and governor, there will be perks and allowances.

Chief minister: Rs 4.21 lakh
MLAs: Rs 2.5 lakh

Andhra Pradesh
Chief minister: Rs 2.40 lakh
MLAs: Rs 1.25 lakh

Tamil Nadu
Chief minister: Rs 1
MLAs: Rs 55,000

The legislators also get a daily allowance of Rs 500 to attend session and Rs 20,000 travel allowance in two instalments every year for train travel anywhere in India.

West Bengal
Chief minister: Mamata Banerjee doesn’t accept any salary. She donates it to the chief minister’s relief fund. She didn’t take her salary as an MLA too.
MLAs: Rs 42,000

Chief minister: Rs 2.5 lakh
MLAs: Rs 1.6 lakh

Uttar Pradesh
Chief minister: Rs 1.01 lakh
MLAs, MLCs: Rs 75,000

Madhya Pradesh

Chief minister: Rs 2 lakh
MLAs: Rs 1.10 lakh

The hike came into effect from April this year. The chief minister’s salary rose from Rs 1.43 lakh and that of MLAs from Rs 71,000.

Source: HindustanTimes

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