Etela Rajender revolts?post is not a ‘biksha’ by KCR!

Telangana Health minister Etela Rajender finally seems to have raised a banner of revolt against CM KCR and TRS party leadership.

Etela, who landed in controversy over his alleged ‘leaking’ of confidential information of CM KCR’s meeting with ministers and officials at Pragathi Bhavan last week to discuss new Revenue Act, to revenue employees union leaders, opened up on the controversy for the first time.

Speculation are rife that KCR is very angry at Etela for ‘leaks’ and has decided to sack him from his cabinet during reshuffle in September.

Instead of giving explanation, Etela has put up a brave face and reiterated that he did not ‘leak’ any info or did he commit any wrong.

Etela took potshots indirectly at KCR.

Referring to reports that KCR will sack him, Etela said, “My minister post is not a biksha given by anyone to me. It came due to my seniority, efficiency and loyalty to TRS and KCR. I did not get this post by begging. I am not a beggar, I am also one of the owners of TRS as I am with TRS since its inception. I am not like few other leaders in TRS who joined from other parties in the middle. I never sought minister post under BC quota as I belong to Mudiraj community. Everything I got is based on my merit and efficiency.”

Etela also said that in democracy, people will decide the fate of politicians and not persons in an indirect reference to reports of KCR sacking him from minister post and party.

Etela also lashed out at few own partymen for projecting him as ‘corrupt’ citing his lavish house built as Shamirpet.

“Why they should feel jealous If I construct a big house of my own with my own hard earned money. Even if anyone could prove that I took bribe of Rs 5,000 in the last 15 years of my political career, I will quit from politics permanently.”

Etela also went on to say that who is a hero and who is a zero will be known to all very soon.

It remains to be seen how KCR reacts to Etela’s public remarks against him and the party.

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