Can’t Control This BJP MLA!

BJP MLA from Goshamahal in Hyderabad T Raja Singh. Known for his rabble-rousing speeches to whip up passion among the Hindus, this gentleman stoked yet another controversy by posting on his twitter account, calling upon the Hindus of West Bengal to repeat the Gujarat riots of 2002 to teach a lesson to the “communal elements” (read Muslims).

Reacting to the communal violence in Baduria and Basirhat in West Bengal, Raja Singh alleged that the West Bengal government had failed to provide security to the Hindus in the state but was protecting and supporting the communal elements.

“Hindus in Bengal should respond to people involved in communal violence as Hindus in Gujarat did. Otherwise, soon Bengal will turn into Bangladesh,” he said.

He also called upon the Bengal Tigers to awake and unite in order to protect themselves. If the Hindus do not react to the communal elements, they would be kicked out of Bengal which would soon turn into another Kashmir, he alleged.

The BJP leaders know that his statements might trigger violence in Hyderabad, too. But they cannot take any action against him. However, the MLA said the statement he had posted on twitter was his personal and not that of the party.

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