‘Sye Raa’ Chiru Cake?

A specially designed cake for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday celebrations had attracted the high society folks of Hyderabad.

It became a talking point as the cake is designed exactly like a Rolls Royce Car and the movie theme of ‘Sye Raa’ was included.

Such cakes cannot be ordered in normal bakery shops. So who had designed and made this cake?

The answer is Vineela Yadlapalli, the US returned Hyderabadi who has introduced the concept of customized designer cakes. 

She is running this boutique cake shop in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad that is unique in its concept.

Whatever the theme you have in mind, she and her team will design it and deliver the cake. But they need time as no design will not be repeated or duplicated.

Every cake’s design is unique and exclusive to the one who ordered it. 

How did she manage to get an order from Megastar Chiranjeevi?

“It was Upasana who took us to Chiranjeevi. She knows that we use high quality imported ingredients in making the cake and our designs are unique. When she wanted a different cake for Chiranjeevi’s recent birthday, they approached us. Since Chiranjeevi Garu loves cars, we went for the Rolls Royce theme. Also ‘Sye Raa’ is up for the release, we included this theme as well,” she informs. 

In the USA, these customized designer cakes are quite a common feature, but this trend is yet to pick up in the Hyderabad. Vineela Yadlapalli is offering here.

Want to order a different cake for your loved ones, then head for this cake boutique in Jubilee Hills. source & article rights reserved by : greatandhra.

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