Trolled Vijay D!

Vijay posted a picture of Mahanati that designates Savitri’s special enthusiasm for race cars. However, what went wrong was he called Savitri a cool chick.

Apparently, Twitterati is not too contended with Vijay’s remarks have started trolling him. Here are few posts:

* I WAS a big fan of u. But now I hate u Vijay! U cannot call MAHANATI a CHICK(even though the word has no offence). SHAME! She is the greatest actress in cinema and you..who got famous only for 2 films cannot address her like that without any respect! Sigh

* Chick ante davadalu pagultaayi. Bold ga undatam ante fuck everyone ani boothulu maatladatam kaadu Bold ga undatam ante nirbhayam ga nijalu matladatam/ voicing out your opinion honestly with utmost respect. mee akkano, chellino nenu Hey wassup chick? ante neeku ela untadi anna? Maaku nooru undi, boothulu memu matladagalam kaani ala cheste meeku naaku theda undadu.

* chick endhi ra araiiiii…. give some respect to seniors

Interim, Vijay reacted in style attacking those who trolled him in Twitter. Here’s Vijay’s reply to his trollers:

“All who want an apology – chennai Leela Palace lo unna ocheyandi. I will even be giving you #Mahanati audio launch entries. She would have been happy to have you all back then – because appudu me lanti morals and ethics batch called her a home breaker and alcoholic,

She was many things fearless, philanthropic, generous, but at her core she was like anyone else a girl with dreams first, a woman who loved & wanted to be loved next and a superstar last. #MahanatiOnMay9th

I think she would have been super happy to be called in admiration “what a cool chick” ☺ compared to home wrecker and alcoholic.

But if you want to decide how I write my posts and think you know better – you can apply for the post to “”. That way you’ll also get a job.”

However, observers say that, Vijay should have shown some respect to greatest actress like Savitri and shouldn’t have called her chick!

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