Kathi poses 6 queries to Poonam & her Brother Responds,finally Poonam Sends SOS To Pawan!!

Mahesh, who addressed a press conference at Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad amidst a tense atmosphere, hinted that he had all the evidences to prove a secret relationship between Poonam and Pawan Kalyan.

In this connection, he posed these six questions to her:

1. Who recommended you for the post of brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh handlooms?

2. Why did you and Pawan Kalyan together perform Archana with same Gotrams in Tirumala temple?

3. When you attempted suicide on the pretext that Pawan Kalyan had cheated you, who saved you? Which hospital were you admitted to? And who paid for the hospital bills?

4. What did Pawan promise your mother when he met her? Has the promise been fulfilled till now?

5. Why are you so angry with director Trivikram Srinivas?

6. When sorcerer Narasimham performed witchcraft, what did you do along with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas.

“I have all the evidences to substantiate my questions. I would have produced them has Poonam come to this press conference. I will disclose them at an appropriate time,” he said.

Poonam Kaur didn’t react on this allegation yet. However, her brother Shyam Singh Lal has responded now.

“She has become brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh’s handlooms on her merits. She studied in NIFT, she has passion for Handlooms.

She has huge number of followers on Twitter and Facebook. She doesn’t need any hero’s support to get this job. She has her own talents to achieve,” he said.

Her brother also refuted allegations and rumors…

Our roots are in Punjab. Unlike the Telugus, we don’t do kshudrapoojas.

Whenever Poonam went to Tirupathi, we were with her.

Nor she ever attempted suicide.

We will file case on Mahesh Kaththi.

He has lost mental balance, he needs to be put up in Jail.

In a virtual SOS message, Poonam tweeted: “Respected Pawan Kalyan garu, I request you to help me out in this situation coz it relates to my career, family and most importantly, my respect!”

She further tweeted: “I do not want to become a political target for people’s hidden agenda. I would like to meet you and talk to about the same @pawankalyan.”

However, within minutes, she deleted the tweets, apparently after ensuring that they went to the notice of Pawan Kalyan.

She could have sent the same message to Pawan directly, but she chose the twitter route only to bring it to the notice of her followers.

Interestingly, Poonam also appeared to have decided to patch up with Kathi Mahesh to end the controversy over her personal life.

She tweeted another message, in reaction to the vulgar comments being made by some fans of Pawan Kalyan dragging Kathi Mahesh’s mother, sister and wife into the murky episode.

In her retweet to a message which read: “Kathi, what’s the secret about your mother?” Poonam said: “Whoever this is, you are not going to degrade anyone’s mother! I sincerely request! Please.”

May be, it is a message even to Kathi Mahesh, who tried to drag Poonam’s mother into the war against Pawan Kalyan!

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