Gopi Sundar Compromises with Majili Producers

producers are not at all happy with his attitude despite his success rate. Gopi Sundar never completes work in time even as the release date fast approaches.

The producers of “Majili” had bad experience working with him. At one time, they had given up on him and roped in S S Thaman to finish the musical score for the movie which went on to become blockbuster.

Had Thaman not agreed to do the work, the film would not have released on April 5.

Gopi Sundar took full remuneration in advance for “Majili” but didn’t complete background score. So, the producers threatened to lodge complaint against him in the film chamber.

Upon knowing this, the Kochi-based music director has made a compromise with the makers and has agreed to part some money to the makers from his remuneration for the work Thaman has done.

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