Year-end shock to Akhila in Allagadda!

Andhra Pradesh tourism minister Akhila Priya might have been the blue-eyed girl of chief minister and Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu, but back in her home constituency Allagadda, she is still struggling to overcome the dissidence.

Buoyed by the success of her cousin Brahmanand Reddy in the by-elections to Nandyal assembly seat in August, Akhila Priya has started ignoring senior leaders A V Subba Reddy, who were closer to her father Bhuma Nagi Reddy.

She thought she would take the entire Kurnool politics into her hands like her father.

However, seniors have gave her a rude shock on the eve of New Year Day itself.

Subba Reddy organised a massive get-together of the TDP leaders and cadre at his own function hall at Allagadda to show his strength.

Akhila tried to create hurdles for this party, which was arranged without her consent.

She asked all her followers and other TDP leaders in Allagadda not to attend the get-together arranged by Subba Reddy.

She warned them of serious consequences if they attended it. However, they cared a damn for her and attended the party in large numbers. Even those who consider themselves to be closer to Akhila went to the party.

Naturally, it was a shock and humiliation to the minister. She is now trying to enquire as to who all had attended Subba Reddy’s party.

Since she has no powers to take action and moreover Subba Reddy is also still in the TDP, she has no option but to keep silent.

She, at the most, will lodge a complaint with party president Naidu to control the dissidents.

source : greatandhra

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