Who Introduced Computer In Hyderabad?It was cbn .

Surprising or shocking? But, that is what Naidu had claimed while inaugurating the Transforming Education Conference for Humanity (TECH-2018) conference at Visakhapatnam on Thursday. He said learning technology should be a fun and not a punishment.

“When I first introduced computers in Hyderabad, one person died of heart attack. Nobody knows how he died, but everybody blamed me saying he had died of stress because I forced people to learn computers. But I felt the future belongs to technology and people should learn how to work on computers without any stress,” he said.

He even went to the extent of saying that children should be taught how to use even a mobile phone, because it causes a lot of stress on them, if they don’t use it properly.

So, when Naidu can introduce computers in Hyderabad, there is no exaggeration in his claims that Satya Nadella could become Microsoft chief executive officer only because of him.

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