TDP doesn’t want Modi to launch Jagan scheme?

It looks like the Telugu Desam Party leaders are very much worried over YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch his pet scheme YSR Rythu Bharosa at Nellore on October 15.

The meeting between Jagan and Modi at New Delhi on Saturday was purely confidential and there is no possibility of knowing what transpired between the two.

All that the media had reported was from the official release from the chief minister’s office which said Jagan had extended an invitation to the Prime Minister to inaugurate the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme on October 15.

However, Andhra Jyothy was the only newspaper which reported that Modi had said a blunt no to Jagan for the inauguration of the scheme.

According to the report, Modi had already got a briefing from the state BJP leaders that the scheme was nothing but a replica of Prime Minister’s PM Kisan Yojana and that Jagan was only trying to gain political mileage by giving it a stamp of YSR.

One wonders how Andhra Jyothy came to know about Modi’s refusal to launch the scheme. There was no such communication from the PMO.

Even if Modi is really not interested in launching the scheme, he would have never told the same on the face of Jagan and such a communication would follow from the PMO later.

But Andhra Jyothy definitely feared that Modi’s visit to Andhra to launch Jagan’s scheme would ruin its political prospects further and boost the morale of YSRC cadre.

It would also silence the local BJP leaders who are desperately trying to emerge as a major force by 2024.

By the way, even if the PM doesn’t inaugurate the scheme, Jagan has nothing to lose, as he would go ahead with such schemes one after the other, as per the schedule released by him earlier.

And that is enough to deal with the TDP!

source : Greatandhra!

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