Rahul to prefer young team !

Newly-elected president of the Congress party Rahul Gandhi is getting ready to cleanse the party organisation at all levels and the impact is expected to be more on the Telangana Congress.

Rahul is contemplating overhauling the PCCs by infusing young blood in all the key positions and relegate the seniors to the advisory roles.

As per the indications from Delhi, no tickets would be given to the candidates who crossed 55 years, except a few whose services are indispensable.

Secondly, no tickets would be given to those leaders who had lost the previous successive three elections.

“Forget reputation, winnability is the criterion for selection of candidates. Since the PCCs play a crucial role in the selection of candidates, Rahul wants to fill up the PCCs with young faces,” party sources said.

Similarly, the Congress leaders who lost the previous election with a huge margin of around 30,000 to 50,000 votes would also be left out in the issuance of party tickets.

“The party will select the candidates based on their understanding of local issues, rather than the money power or political background,” sources said.

Rahul wants to commission an independent survey in all the all constituencies to identify the potential candidates.

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