Naidu gifted Rs 2,000 cr public money to NBK’s S-I-L!

This is a classic example of how TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu looted public money left, right and centre during his five-year rule to benefit his henchmen and relatives.

Naidu gifted Rs 2,000 crore worth land to Sri Bharat, younger son-in-law of actor Nandamuri Balakrishna. 

Everyone knows that Naidu and Balakrishna are ‘viyyankulu’ and also Balakrishna is also brother-in-law of Naidu.

Balakrishna’s elder son-in-law is Nara Lokesh, son of AP CM Naidu.

Bharat married Balakrishna’s younger daughter Tejaswini. He is the grandson of Gitam University, Vizag, founder MVVS Murthy, a wealthy family.

Naidu fielded Bharat as TDP candidate for Vizag Lok Sabha seat in upcoming polls, under pressure from Balakrishna.

Now coming to actual story, Bharat married Tejaswini in August 2013. Naidu became CM of AP in June 2014.

In February 2015, Naidu issued a GO (Government Order No.269) allotting 500 acres of government land in Jayanthipuram village. Jaggayyapeta madal to VBC Fertilisers, owned by Bharat, for a dirt cheap price of Rs 80,000 per acre. 

With this, Bharat secured 500 acres of vast land for just Rs 4 crore.

Now, one will be shocked to know about Naidu’s tricks, who executed a ‘meticulous plan’ to create real estate boom in Jayanthipuram.

Naidu issued another GO No 207 in September 2015 bringng Jayanthipuram under the limits of Amaravathi capital region.

With this, the land price in Jayanthipuram skyrocketed ranging from Rs 4 crore to Rs 10 crore per acre.

Even considering the land price at lower level at Rs 4 crore per acre at present, Bharat’s 500 acre land is valued at a whooping Rs 2,000 crore.

This huge amount of public money which should come to AP government is now simply pocketed by Bharat.

There is a popular Telugu saying which says, “kalisoche kaalaaniki nadichoche koduku putathaadu”, which means, if time favours you, you will give birth to a son who can walk straigth away.

But in the case of Bharat, this proverb should be, if time favours you, you will get a wealthy, beautiful wife, Rs 2000 crore public money as gift or dowry and a ruling party ticket to contest elections.source :GA.

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