Kajal’s Fake Lip Kissing Revealed

Now a days technology has become so advanced that you can create anything out of no where. You can make two persons kiss each other even if they do not exist in real. Yes ! this has been proved by one video of Suriya and Kajal which has gone viral now.

This making video is from the Tamil film Mattran where Suriya plays conjoined twins. In one of the scenes, Kajal and both the Suriya’s go watch a film and hence become intimate and end up kissing.

The video which has gone viral shows this was done in reality. It looks quite funny but is intriguing to see how Kajal kisses a green cushion and how Suriya kisses a plastic paper.

Now, both these are joined with the help of VFX and this looks excellent on screen. Enjoy the video below to get a correct idea.

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