CBN’s ‘phone tapping’ case powerful than ‘cash for vote’!

TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao had filed ‘cash for vote’ case against Chandrababu in June 2015.

In retaliation, Chandrababu filed ‘phone tapping case’ against KCR immediately.

Both these cases are pending in respective states. These cases are being used by both to gain uppperhand on the other.

However, Chandrababu remained calm and even vacated common capital Hyderabad and shifted to Amaravathi fearing that KCR will trouble him with cash for vote case.

Taking advantage of this, KCR has been threatening Chandrababu by raking up cash for vote case now and then even after he left for Amaravathi.

But Chandrababu seems to be now lost his patience. He too started threatening KCR that he will reopen phone tapping case against him, if he continues to warn him on cash for vote case.

Legal experts advised Chandrababu that phone tapping case is more powerful than cash for vote case and there are strict directions from Supreme Court against phone tapping.

They cited the example of late Karnataka CM Ramakrishna Hegde, whose goverment collapsed on charges of phone tapping and KCR’s government will also meet the same fate if Naidu pursues phone tapping case seriously with the courts.

Buoyed at this, Chandrababu now threatened KCR that he will file four cases against him for phone tapping, if KCR dares to fix him in cash for vote case.

Naidu is hopeful that Congress-led Front will come to power at the Centre after 2019 Lok Sabha polls in which he will play a ‘crucial role’ and KCR will be taught a fitting lesson for abusing him in public meetings and press conferences.

source :GA.

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