Bigg Boss: Rs 50 Lakh Per Episode!

Talk is that he will be getting Rs 50 lakhs per episode. And for each season there will be 12 episodes which amount to Rs 6 crores per season.

And Star Maa is planning to make 3 seasons with NTR. Which means as per math, NTR will be pocketing a cool Rs 18 crores in all.

Now, for the amount, it is not that NTR will be seen in all episodes. He will just play anchor to the show and it is the contestants that will be seen in each episode.

So, that will make NTR’s remuneration higher than what Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi were given for their telly entry.

Well, Rs 50 lakhs for a mere few minutes is what NTR will be charging which makes him the ‘big boss’.

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