Anasuya Gets Trolled Over by her followers !

Hyper Aadi’s joke about orphans on the show has stirred huge controversy. His joke goes like this: “Anthalu (orphans ante) athiga avesapade aadaniki atiga aasa pade magodiki puttina pillalu”.

Social activists lambasted the show-makers for allowing such insensitive comments against poor orphans.

Anasuya was seen laughing out loud for the joke on the show. So, her followers have decided to troll her. In fact, a series of comments started pouring in against her and questioned her how she could laugh out loud over such an insensitive joke.

In her Facebook Live chat, Anasuya defended Hyper Aadi’s joke saying all this is part of comedy. Anything goes in comedy, she said.

She then posted this: “Arey nenu abuse gurinchi maatladite battalu sariga veskomantaru… nenu fun ni fun la teeskondante #ArjunReddy antaru… endivaya… dimagla atudi itu itudi atu unda.”

Her followers raised objections over this and she got irritated further.

With no proper argument to defend, she concluded with this message: “Sorry… emanukovoddu… vitanda vaadaalu chesevaallani…oorke gelukudam anevaallani…basic ga negativity tho approach ayye vaallani block cheseddamani decide ayya…na happiness na hands lo annattu…meeru kuda meeku edi nacchite ade cheyandi…i want genuine, honest,happy ppl around.”

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